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Dear overcomers! We have entered into the month of Elul. This is the month to remember the blessing spoken over Gad (Gen.49:19; Deut.33:20,21). Beleive that God will enlarge your domain. Whatever you are doing every day, God wants His blessing to manifest. We have to become bold as a lion and take dominion over the works of Satan in people's lives. It is time to beleive for the best and to become the head and not the tail. We are called to carry out the will of God daily and release justice in our situations.

God wants us to have power that breaks spiritual, emotional, physical, and financial yokes. God wants us to transform society. I will be teaching from the book of Acts this month in the apostolic center. The book of Acts is a picture or a vision of what the Church is that Jesus Christ is building. The Kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ can not be built by man. It is to be built according to the pattern shown in the New Testament. Jesus Christ is extending the Kingdom of God from Heaven through the Holy Spirit. We are to know the presence and the power of God. We are to know the voice of God. God wants His Church to influence and transform the seven mountains (seven spheres of society). I will be teaching how to take dominion pover your mountain from the book of Acts. Also do not forget the seminar on "How to maximize your anointing?" this weekend. Let us get filled with the power of God again! It is time to see the Presence and the Power of God like never before! Shalom!

Apostle Gaius


Dear Kingdom warriors!

Now is the time for the saints to turn into sons and daughters of the King! God is building His Kingdom and He is looking for those who will become a witness of what a Kingdom citizen looks like in this season! We have to become carriers of the blessings of Heaven in our daily lives. I have just ministered in Wakayama and ordained Mr and Mrs Yamamoto as apostles. The anointing and the prophetic voice from Jesus came and ministered to them of their destiny for this nation and other nations. Apostle Yamamoto has even made a business card with the name "apostle" on it. God has shown me that now is the time for the apostolic to land in Japan. The prophetic movement was needed to bring in the apostolic anointing. We need to hear the voice of God (prophetic) but we also need the power of God (apostolic) to bring it into manifestation! We have to see all the things that the Lord has told us manifest by the power of God.

The anointing is the power of the Holy Spirit that comes in us and upon us. Every thing that God wants to do through us, He has to anoint us to do it. The grace of God is the power of God. The grace of God manifests to the humble and not to the proud. Leviathan spirit is the king of all pride (Job 41:34). The Leviathan spirit (marine demons) has risen up in this nation of Japan and has crossed the boundaries that God has set. Most of the Church of Jesus Christ in Japan has tried to do things on their own strength and has not opened to the Government of the Kingdom. Every time the people of God resists the move of the Holy Spirit, demons take ground. This is how the church in the Old Testament was taken into captivity to Babylon.

The Leviathan spirit will make you not pray and depend upon God. This spirit will make Christians sleepy so that they can not hear the voice of God. Marine demons will cause people to not seek God and to seek other things for pleasure. It is a covenant breaking spirit. It is proud and independent, do not like to serve others, and does not like healing, deliverance and the gifts of the Spirit. This spirit has a problem with serving and submitting. It always want to be on the top and in control. Leviathan can not be tamed so God wants this spirit to be destroyed!

How do we destroy these marine demons? We do it by the sword of the Lord (Is.27:1). We have to choose to agree with God's way and not our own selfish, religious way. We have to hear the words that are coming from the King of Kings! We have to clothe ourselves with humility so that we do not open doors to these marine demons. When we humble ourselves before God and start listening to what He is saying and see what He is doing, it will cause us to be set free from these prideful demons.

Let us come to the Lord and submit ourselves to His Holy Spirit and not our own religious ideas. The Lord is sending us messengers to bring in the power of God. It is time to receive the anointing that will set us free from every bondage! Apostle Trevor will be coming September 10 and 11. Apostle Che Ahn will be coming September 28,29, and 30. Apostle Ron Sawka will be coming November 12 and 13. Every apostle that I know of right now is hearing the same thing! It is time for the power of God to manifest through the citizens of the Kingdom of God in every sphere of the seven mountains (Religion, Family, Education, Media, Entertainment, Economy, Government). God is shaking everything that is not of the Kingdom of God. Get ready in the next 2 to 3 months! Build your life and your finances on Kingdom principles. The earth is the Lords and everything that is in it. Rise up army of God!

Apostle Gaius